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Culinary Programs


Cooking Classes in Dalmatia. 
This gourmand experience takes you to some of the most picturesque locations in Dalmatia, each one famous for their traditional styles of cooking.

When: Year round
Duration: Full day
From: Split. The program can run from Šibenik and Zadar as well

This gourmand experience takes you to some of the most picturesque locations in Dalmatia, each one famous for their traditional styles of cooking. Descend into the old wine cellars of beautiful Skradin and follow the scent of homemade bread to a small village in Primošten to unravel the mysteries of cooking under the "peka." Voyage to the island of Brace and taste the wonder of ancient vitalac in the magical village of Dol.  As a partner of Tours in Croatia, this stunning selection of private tours is specially designed for small groups and individuals in every region of Croatia.

Croatian cooking is an intricate tapestry of diverse historical influences, woven with the finest local and organic ingredients. In coastal Dalmatia, where Oriental and Venetian cooking traditions blend so harmoniously, your classroom is a smoke-blackened stone kitchen in a sleepy village, your teacher the local matron who carefully learned the tradition from her elders. Learn the art of peka, the method of indirect roasting that dates back to the dawn of the Bronze Age. Roll arambasi in Sinj or, for the truly adventurous, try your hand at making vitalac, which is only made on Brač and in one other village in distant Greece - a true gastronomic atavism!

Programs offered in the Split area:

Arambaši of Sinj

- succulent morsels of minced meat, onions and garlic in kraut-leaves, often served with sauer-kraut

Vitalac on Brac

- A rare treat! Found only on Brac and one more village on Crete, vitalac takes lamb' s offal (liver, heart, lungs) skewered and wrapped. After turning on live coals, the sticks are wrapped in lamb's intestines and then turned for another hour. Vitalac is then cut and eaten while the diners wait for the whole lamb to be baked

Chef Rudi of Pelegrini Restaurant in Sibenik

Enjoy a unique experience with Pelegrini's restaurant own chef - Rudi - who will first take you shopping for fresh produce in the traditional Šibenik market.  Then it's off to the Renaissance palace of the famed Pelegrini restaurant to roll up your sleeves! Depending on his inspiration, your preferences and the fresh treasures you have found in the market, your first task will be to make your own bread and then....

Veal shanks in a sherry juice with roasted vegetables
Anglerfish served with an almond sauce  and ricotta and zucchini biscuits
Sea-bass fillets with dalmatian tartuffi and goat cheese sauce (honey roasted

This is merely a sample of all the possibilities!

Peka lesson in Primošten Burni

Peka is one of the best known traditional Croatian dishes. Though simple at first glance, Peka requires a great deal of skill and experience.  Gourmands regard food prepared under a peka as the ultimate in grilled dishes.  At first glance, a peka seems like such a simple accessory - a domed lid shaped like a cupola.  It  can be made of metal, thinner or thicker, or more usually of cast iron, but true connoisseurs prefer an earthenware peka. Food cooked under peka, be it in a fireproof pot under the coals or directly on a stone slab, is a hearty meat and vegetable dish.  Usually veal, lamb or yearling beef covered with potatoes and other vegetables. And of course, best enjoyed with a fantastic local red wine!.

A day with Chef Dalmatino near Trogir

An entire day with chef Dalmatino at his own private home near Trogir-a tour experience that is exclusively ours!  Our chef is famed for his exquisite traditional Dalmatian meals cooked with a unique contemporary to ancient recipes. Simply a must for people interested in great cooking and experiencing true Dalmatia! Available only in summer!

Price depends on the program, time of the year and number of participants

For 2 - 3 - from 100 Euros per person
For 4 - 8 - from   80 Euros per person

The number of participants is limited

The cost includes: collection from your hotel, villa or private apartment by our English-speaking driver/guide, comfortable sedan car of van, road tolls and parking, all taxes and VAT, tickets if applicable, all ingeredients and facilities, lunch after the class, wine included